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  • /^\T/^\L is a non-profit Association registered in India. With the head office in Pune, it is led by the elected President (Mr. Anil) who is the CMD of a reputed translation company of India. Our President is ably assisted and guided by various ‘Councils’ with eminent members of the language fraternity from across the world.

    In a world where nearly 200 languages and different scripts divide us in understanding, our language service providing industry helps make the world one which understands diversity.

    Many reputable associations are working hard to promote this sector and /^\T/^\L is just another small helping hand.

    India is the birthplace of many languages and they vary hugely, even within a few kilometres. In a world where normally one language exists per country, India almost has one language per state. This shows that an association like /^\T/^\L can only originate from a country like India.

    In the light of globalisation and a need of understanding different sectors of the world, the language barrier is the biggest issue faced. We give a platform for translators and language specialists to exchange their knowledge and expertise in order to solve communication issues.

    /^\T/^\L  has established a global presence, with regional councils in India, the United Kingdom, Cape Verde, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Philippines, Cameroon, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Kenya and Canada. Continuous growth and collaboration are key to our concept. That is why we joined value-added networks, which provide a platform for knowledge sharing, benchmarking, and professional growth. Our members have the opportunity to get involved, give back, and broaden their professional network. /^\T/^\L  membership enhances your visibility as a language professional and offers numerous other benefits, including quality assurance, advertising space, payment insurance, and other benefits.

    The worldwide reach of /^\T/^\L makes it a reliable source of information for the industry and a great platform to channelize the value of professional language services. Through /^\T/^\L’s programs and insightful content, individuals become more knowledgeable, organizations grow and mature. In this way, the global language industry makes gains in professionalism and prominence.

    Do wish us luck

    At /^\T/^\L, we dedicate ourselves to inform and assist fraternity members by providing requested services with fairness and compassion. We try to provide a positive influence to better the earnings of good translators and companies by supporting them, vouching for them. We also try to ensure that this credit business has more surety of fair payments.

    By keeping the membership fee low and offering local support throughout the world, we hope to bring as many people in the language industry together as possible.

    To be the provincially recognized professional association for language service providers to which practicing professionals want to belong.

    The main objectives of /^\T/^\L are to give it’s members a collective voice, to ensure that they respect its Code of Ethics, and to promote their professional role in society. We will also maintain links with similar organizations across the globe.