Payment Claim Mails

Soft email claim mails can be sent for long outstanding dues on member’s behalf to the fraternity.

Arbitration Settlements

Members may request us for settlement of due amount or agencies for undue claims on quality issues.

Seminars and Workshops

Members can host and attend webinar meets online for which we will assist in advertising such events.

Mass Mail

The promotion of translator to over 60,000 companies through mail will also be on offer at a cost.

Job Postings

Permitted for members, without charge, including contact details visible to members and only job details for others.

Free Advertising

Member agencies and translators can present their strength through portfolio for others (three times) at no cost.

Travel Guidance

Information assistance to members while visiting other countries through other members of that country will be arranged.

Quality Assurance

/^T/^L will try and ensure that members who use the brand will be good in their service and payments.

Escrow Payments

Will be accepted with recall from members for larger transactions or for unknown agencies on behalf of translators.

Physical Verification

We will use our network of friends to physically verify the existence of any translator or Agency.

SOS Assistance

SOS assistance through associates on travel to distant lands for the member translator or agency on request.

Business Valuation

/^T/^L can assist for the primary valuation of business worth, should it be required by any agency.

Useful Information

File formats, language codes, font and script look, time zone study are just a few member advantages.

Payment Insurance

Translators can request for payment Insurance which will make it easier for trust across thus worldwide fraternity.

Credit Worthiness

Becoming an /^T/^L member will give you a higher credit over non-members and you gain more business.

Advertising Space

Will be offered at no cost to members who wish to present events or advantages to other members.

Fraternity Branding

Members can use the association logo for goodwill and camaraderie with an entire organization to back them.

Industry News

Events, human losses, current offers, tips, suggestions and real news will soon be available to members only.

Sale Purchase

Valuation and assistance to purchase or sell your business, keeping secrecy and ensuring timely, fair payments.

Faster Networking

Using a bonding logo makes bonding easier and knowing who to trust can be a lot of help.

Enquiry Posting

We respect the work our job portals are doing and our members too will have a job paste board.

Protecting our own

We will be regularly providing and updating information to protect members from bad paymasters or unethical translators.

Business Mentorship

Advice on Legal, tax, HR and financial matters through support helpline on any of business related issues.

Better Discounts

Collaborations will get members offers, discounts and exclusive treats for manyevents organized by us and association partners.