The members of the ATAL accepts the below as their ethical and professional duty. All Association members voluntarily undertake to comply with the Code of Conduct:

  1. To convey with our clients faithfully and accurately.
  2. To hold in any confidential information entrusted to us in the course of our work.
  3. To represent our qualifications and capabilities honestly.
  4. To enhance those capabilities at every opportunity through continuing education in language and subject field.
  5. To act collegially by sharing knowledge and experience.
  6. To define in advance by mutual agreement, and to abide by, the terms of all business transactions with everyone.
  7. To endeavour in good faith to resolve among ourselves any dispute that arises from our professional interactions.
  8. To respond to questions, inquiries and requests as soon as possible and without unnecessary delays.
  9. To make sure that the presentation of our services and our price quotations are transparent and not misleading to our clients.
  10. To always perform consistent and clearly defined quality control procedures.
  11. To use the services of language professionals only, with the necessary qualifications and experience for the job in question.
  12. To deal with customer complaints using clearly defined procedures.
  13. To regularly contact customers to check their satisfaction with our services. Try and respond to the feedback ASAP and take it into account.
  14. To comply with applicable laws and regulations. We respect the rules and standards that are common in the translation industry. We respect basic ethical principles.

Members are to understand that each of these core values are to be considered when making ethical and professional decisions in their capacity and identity as an language service provider. These values are of equal weight and importance.